Great Data

Our in-depth coverage and unparalleled accuracy ensure you receive not only the MOST data, but the BEST data.

Our Relationships

With more than a decade in the industry and a staff of experienced editors and specialists, we have built strong relationships with entertainment venues, public relations firms, exhibitors and movie studios.

Our In-Depth Coverage

West World Media collects over one million event listings per month, ranging from movie showtimes to live theatre performances and karaoke night to NCAA Division I sports and the major leagues. Any way you slice it, West World Media has the most in-depth and comprehensive coverage in the entertainment listings world.

Our Accuracy

West World Media employs professional city editors to hand-enter and proof every event to ensure the listings are complete and accurate. Our data comes directly from venues – via email, snail mail, electronically, or from press releases. Our editors track down any missing information by phoning the venue or visiting its official website. User-submitted events or information mined from other sites would be an easy solution, however, we opt for accurate, professionally-researched data.

Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure is at the forefront of the data industry. Our systems are unparalleled, particularly in identifying problems before you would ever have a chance to see them. For example, eighteen data integrity checks are performed continuously to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in our data. If our system detects an error, our staff tracks down the correct information and updates.

Examples of Our Data Integrity Checks

Missing Information – If we don’t have a schedule from a venue, our system alerts us and we chase it.

Odd Showtimes – If our database finds a showtime at 9:19 AM or 4:52 PM, it warns us it is probably incorrect.

Gaps Report – If we have seemingly full weekly schedules that are actually missing dates in the middle, our database notifies us.

Human Errors – If our staff enters incorrect dates or duplicates occurrences, the system will catch that in real time.